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For the past few years, we’ve been using “the daylights” out of various “GTD” apps, starting with Things, and then to Wunderlist, and now to 2Do, and to be honest, these apps have proven to be the most used apps on our devices. The reason for that is because it has become a substitute for writing everything down on paper. So, we thought it would only be “fitting” to simply write about the “how” of this experience, and share some useful techniques that could be of use to you! Besides, there are so many posts out there that explain the concept of “Getting Things Done,” but very few talk about “how” to properly use them. Keep in mind that this isn’t an “end-all, be-all” solution, or “my way or the highway” plan; instead, it’s just one “way” of getting things done. Here goes:



“When a task is once begun never leave it till it’s done. Be the labor, great or small, do it well or not at all.”

That quote right there, well… it’s awesome! But the fact is, many of us do tasks “out of our own strength.” Think about this: If we do get started on a task, there’s a good chance that we may not finish it because of various factors, from distractions, to emergencies, or even forgetting about it…. The quote above is a “beginning” to working; however, have you ever thought that we have been “made” to depend on the One (the Lord Jesus Christ) who can “cause us” to get things done? Besides, since He knows us better than we know ourselves, why not depend on Him to get things done first (by simply asking Him what to do!), and then use the apps to “capture” those tasks?….


Here’s a real-life example: A client calls us during the day for a Graphic Creation. However, at that time we can’t fully focus on the tasks necessary to get the job started because we are in the midst of another project. So, what happens? We first acknowledge the Lord for what to do, and then head out to finish our other tasks. Then, lo and behold, the Lord grants an Answer for “how” to properly address the client who called. We then set aside a time later in the day to think about what was said over the phone, and then “capture” those thoughts into 2Do, in the form of a series of steps…. As the day progresses, more thoughts come as to how to do the tasks, and we write them in the app!

We then set up the series of tasks in the form of Lists, which are set up inside of Categories. In other words, we go from general to specific: When the task to be done comes forth, we first ask ourselves what Category it belongs (such as Work, Personal, or Ministry), and then we ask what List it needs to be included (such as a business name, or groceries, etc.). Once those things are determined (and this is quick; usually within a few seconds), we then use the app to “capture” the tasks in one of 3 ways: Tasks unto themselves, as a project, or checklist (more on that in a future post)….

After we have captured the tasks, we set notifications, or automatic reminders about the important tasks (especially the ones that have a specific time assigned to them). Then, as time progresses throughout the day, the technology begins to work for us, notifying us about task, which “compel” us to get the job done!….

In our next post, we’ll discuss some features that we use within 2Do in order to get things done! Stay tuned, ladies and gents….