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Thank you for reading our series of posts on Getting Things Done! If you have not seen the first part, we encourage you to read it here.

Earlier this week, we talked about Planning the night before in order to get the job done. Of course, that is the “beginning;” however, it now is time for execution of the tasks!



When we wake up in the morning, the first thing that goes through our minds (aside from thanking the Lord for another day!!) is what are the priorities? In other words, what things do we really need to get done right now? As a note, we established our tasks on the night before, so we now are looking at those tasks again, this time from the standpoint of execution. How can this be done?

Well, one of the most powerful features that you should have in your task app is the ability to sort your tasks in different ways, depending on the List. It’s a small feature, but my goodness is it powerful! For instance, in 2Do (and keep in mind that even though you may not have 2Do, check to see if your preferred task app has this kind of feature!), we can sort our tasks not one, but 12 ways (yes, twelve!): 1) Status, 2) Priority, 3) To-Do List, 4) Start Date, 5) Due Date, 6) Creation, 7) Note, 8) Title, 9) Manually, 10) Tag, 11) Location, and 12) Duration…. We especially love the Priority sort method because it allows us to assign Low, Medium, High, and Starred “levels” to our tasks (pictured above). As examples, for our “Today” list, we sort it by Priority; however, with our Grocery List, we sort that by Status…. At the same time, we can continue to assign the aforementioned levels to our tasks, and the app is “smart” enough to sort even those tasks accordingly! Just that one feature alone can increase your productivity!



Here at Unhindered Creations, we live by an important saying: “The Lord manifests Himself, one Step at a time.” That one saying has helped us immensely in staying “in the moment,” and not panicking when a situation comes forth that was unexpected or overwhelming. For instance, let’s say your day is planned out to the tee. You’re working, and things are getting done; that is, until a client calls about adding a feature to their website that they need right then (or better yet, “yesterday”).

Now, often times these kinds of features require a lot of time, so it’s not a simple thing as adding text and being done. They require a series of “Steps” to make it happen, so we often avoid having to do a big, urgent project “on the spot,” (because we usually are focused on another project at that moment) and we instead defer it to later that day, or even the next day (if possible) so that we can first receive Wisdom for how to do it in the first place (ever thought of it that way?). Then, when the Wisdom comes forth, we simply write down the steps into our app, and execute them….

Hopefully this post was helpful! Also, be sure to subscribe to our Blog today! More is to come, so stay tuned ladies and gents….