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Google (if you didn’t know already) created a “native” app for their Gmail accounts for mobile devices, called simply Gmail. For a couple of days, we took the opportunity to use it on the iPhone 6 Plus, and while it is a good app, it does have its pros and cons, which we’ll discuss below….


Works well with Gmail accounts (duh!)

Labels show up well

Mail is categorized through Google’s inboxes (Primary, Social, Promotional, Updates, etc.)

No unified Inbox
As you can see above, Gmail for iOS is a good app for Gmail users. The labels that you can create in Gmail can easily be applied to your emails. Archiving and deleting messages are easy to do. However, the biggest detriment is the lack of a Unified Inbox. In essence, to switch between Gmail accounts, you have to tap the standard Menu button in the top right corner, then tap on the account you want to see…. Secondly, in the mornings, although I would have received nearly a dozen emails, the red badge that would display on the app icon within your iOS screen would not show the number of emails you received. Instead, I might see a “1” or “2”, or a number that would reflect the number of emails I would receive in the “Primary” category/tab….
So, after a while, after missing the above features, we came to the conclusion that the app simply wasn’t for us.