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Blogging?? BLOGGING??? This is the first thing that constitutes a great website design??…. Well, this is one of the things! Let me explain….


There’s a reason you were taught how to write sentences in elementary school! WORDS are the most powerful thing on the face of the earth, and in order for your Brand to move forward (for starters), you have to communicate it to people!…. Just think about this: In order for people to know about your Brand, and about you for that matter, it requires communication. A lot of times, a Brand is spread through “word of mouth,” so when you perform a product or service for a client, and if you have done a great job for them, they in turn start talking about what they experienced toward their friends and acquaintances. Then, out of all the people they talked to, one or two prospective clients comes your way, which means more business….


Since Unhindered Creations’ inception in 2003, business has been coming toward us through “word of mouth.” However, now that we are on WordPress, we are expanding our reach through Blogging. More people are looking to the Internet instead of printed copy (newspapers, etc.) to receive information on various topics, so because we have experience in Photography, Website Design, Graphic Design, and Hardware/Software, we now are talking about those things in depth! And, it has become MUCH easier for us to do so for the following reasons….


1) The WordPress Platform: Because WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform, millions of people flocked to it in order to post their own thoughts on a myriad of topics. But as time progressed, people started creating “themes” for WordPress (which are, in a nutshell, templates used to establish the “look” of your website), which then made it into a website design platform. As a result, we now are taking advantage of the Blogging technology that is natively built into WordPress in order to bring you these (and more) posts!….


2) WordPress iOS App: Now, even though I’m “harping” on the highlights of WordPress iOS for Apple smartphones and tablets, there also is a version of this app for Android devices too…. However, since we have experience in WordPress iOS, let us explain why this makes it easier: Well, for starters, this app is available on your iPhone! That means whenever you have an “idea,” you can easily start writing your post about that idea (wherever you are) within this app, and if you desire, you can easily switch back and forth between your computer and iOS device to continue writing….


3) Scheduling: Most people are often unaware of this feature, but this is a powerful one! Within WordPress, whenever you are writing a post, you have the option of saving your posts as “Drafts,” and then “Schedule” them to publish at whatever time you desire! In fact, that is what’s happening with our Blogs now: We can take the time over the course of a day to write up a series of posts, and then “Schedule” them to be published days, weeks, or even months down the road! And, as time goes on and other ideas come forth, we have the option of writing new posts regarding those ideas, or going back to the ones we already have created, and write some more info into those existing ones before they become Published….


The good news is that with every Website Creation we do, we now incorporate a Blog page into your design! And, better yet, we can set up this feature on your smartphone or tablet so that you can easily write a Blog post anywhere the “idea” comes forth….


We’ll continue this with Part 2 on Wednesday, so stay tuned ladies & gents…. Secondly, please let us know of your feedback on these posts! And, by all means, Subscribe to our Blog today!