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In this second part of our series, we are continuing to talk about what constitutes a GREAT website design. If you haven’t taken a look at our first part, you can visit it here.


Mobile Friendliness

For years, our definition of “mobile friendliness” was an interesting one, as we thought that it meant you could see the website on a mobile phone or tablet. But, as time progressed, we noticed that it meant more than that. According to Google and other Internet moguls, one of the things that defines mobile friendliness is that your website has to use a technology called Responsive Design….


So, what is Responsive Design? Quite simply, it means when a website is designed, the site has its way of “conforming” itself to whatever screen size it’s on. To see this in action, do us a quick favor: Use your mouse, and “resize” your browser by clicking the right bottom corner of it, and dragging it to the left and the right. Do it now (yep, now!! lol). When you do this, you’ll notice our website begins to “shift” in its design to fit your browser size. Interesting, ain’t it???….


Now, as a note, there are many websites out here that don’t have this feature built in to their design. Before 2014, we designed sites without this feature, but then on April 21st of this year, Google changed everything with one new policy. Just so you know, Google changed their search algorithms on that day to give “favor,” or precedence to websites that were mobile friendly, or had a Responsive Design built into their site. But then, what does this mean for you?…. Simple:┬áIf you have a website that isn’t “Responsive,” or Mobile Friendly, you will be “bumped downward” in Google’s search results. If, on the other hand, your site IS Mobile Friendly, you’ll be moved upward in their search results, the latter of which allows your site to be given more “visibility” on the web (which drives more people to your site, meaning more potential business, more people liking you, etc., etc.)….


And so, we offer the feature of Mobile Friendliness into every design that we do! Because there are millions of websites out here, we “aim” on making sure yours stands out from the rest, and one of the features that is critical to that being fulfilled is having a Responsive Design. Keep in mind that this kind of design isn’t easy to do, but then, that’s why we’re here: To help pass on this kind of design toward your Brand!….


More is to come, so stay tuned ladies and gents!…. If you have any feedback, please, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!