GREAT Website Design: Part 4

This is a series of Blog posts that give some highlights of what constitutes a GREAT website design. If you haven’t taken a look at the first 3 parts, you can visit them here (Part 1), here (Part 2) and here (Part 3.)


“You see, anybody can design a website nowadays. But not everyone takes the “care” to make sure that the details are good on a site!”

Given that we live in the “Technology Age,” everything now has shifted to the Internet! So, for the average “Joe Blow” or “Sally Blow” (LOL), what do you do? Well, a Website Creation is needed, especially if you have a company or individual brand that you would like to sell or showcase. But then, there are a myriad of ways that you can get a website nowadays, from creating one yourself at WordPress, to becoming a web designer (like we are) and create a site from scratch. However, (just so you know), we are here for you, and because we have a background in not just Website Creation, but also Graphic Creation, Photography, and even Landscape Architecture (the latter of which is our original background; we still do this though!), we are absolutely serious when it comes to what we are talking about in this particular article….

Attention To Detail

You see, anybody can design a website nowadays. But not everyone takes the “care” to make sure that the details are good on a site! We take the time to look over everything from the correct spelling and grammar on a site, to making sure the colors and graphics flow correctly on a page. Sports (especially baseball) is a near and dear thing to us, and one of the things we have noticed about sports is that the really, really good teams are the ones that execute the small details, such as fielding the ball correctly, to producing quality at bats, and being able to get timely hits when it matters most. In essence, we do the same thing when it comes to Website Design. When it comes to details, we make sure that you look good! Besides, we believe that a website is not just a static thing; instead, we believe that it is a living, breathing thing that should be an extension of you! And, the world at large will see this website, so it is only “fitting” that it FITS you like a glove!

In our next part (coming soon), we will talk some more about GREAT Website Design, so stay tuned!….

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