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Well, after working on several other client websites within the WordPress platform, we decided it was time to finally “take the plunge” and perform a redesign of the Unhindered Creations website!

For years, we often struggled with attempting to find a solution to our dilemma: Whenever we did a website for a client, our systems were always “closed,” meaning after we designed a website, we would be the only ones that could make changes. But with the advent of WordPress, that changed the ballgame! For a number of years, we looked at the WordPress platform, along with other platforms, currently known as Content Management Systems. These platforms, in a nutshell, allow the client more flexibility in being able to make changes to their websites at any time. Keep in mind that we did allow the client some editing flexibility, but it still wasn’t at the level of edit ability that we yet desired the client to have. Moreover, as we continued looking and performing research on potential solutions, many of the platforms were not easy to use, and required a steep learning curve.
But then, after looking at WordPress a little closer, and coming across an easy-to-use, yet powerful theme to design websites, everything changed! We started to create our own internal system for creating custom websites for clients, and we got a great response! We continued to improve, and the websites continued to get better. So now, with the new Unhindered Creations website rooted in the WordPress platform, the very fact that this post was created on a phone (yes, you heard right!), and posted from a phone is just a small testament to how far we have come!….

More is on the way, so stay tuned!….