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This post is a “quickie” regarding an app that just came out from the makers of Zive. It’s called Kiwi for Gmail, so read more about our experience with it below!

Well, we tried out Kiwi for Gmail last week, and it’s quite a nice one. In essence, it gives you all the power of Gmail on the Mac, in the form of a Desktop app instead of a “cooked up” browser app. When we first opened it, well, it looks the exact same as Gmail within a browser. For instance, one of the things that’s really good about it is the fact that you can manage all your Labels inside this app, and all your changes are reflected in your Gmail account…. All in all, if you are an avid Gmail user, and you are used to using Gmail’s interface, along with Google’s Calendar and Google Drive features, this app would be perfect for you!….


However, as we looked, we definitely liked the gestures, along with the Labels and other features built into Gmail as usual; however, a few features were missing…. First, there was no Unified Inbox. We can’t tell you how beneficial it is to have all your emails from various accounts sitting in one box, without having to switch between accounts in order to see emails. Secondly, we missed being able to see the email contents on the right side of the message, which is immensely helpful when going through emails. Thirdly, this app is only available for Mac users….


Now don’t get us wrong: Kiwi for Gmail is one of the best email client apps that have come out “as a substitute” to the native Mail app on the Mac. For avid Gmail users on the Mac who are used to having Safari or Chrome open in order to check emails, this app would be perfect for you because you no longer have to have multiple tabs open within your browser to check emails…. But for the average user, Mail still is a good app that you can use to get through your email inbox. In the meantime, we’ll continue to be on the lookout for other email clients, and try them out to see what they are like, and post some thoughts on here regarding our experiences with them in hopes that you’ll see something that can be beneficial to your own workflow. Besides, the main thing we’re concerned about nowadays is efficiency, and getting the job done as easily and quickly as possible….


More to come, so stay tuned, ladies and gents…. Please be sure to subscribe to our Blog, and let us know of your feedback!