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It’s now time to shift to Photography! For the past 16 years, we have been gaining experience in this area, so here’s a few thoughts on the subject!….

“Photography is Writing With Light”

It’s quite an interesting saying, wouldn’t you think? Ever since we were born, light has been an integral part of our lives. We need it to live; we need it to see what is around us. And from a photographer’s standpoint, it is the most critical thing that we learn when professionally taking pictures for clients….


Think about this: A camera is, in essence, a small, but incredible piece of technology that is used to capture light. The challenge, however, is in “how” to properly capture the light (into an image file) in such a way that it “tells a story….” As photographers, we have the ability to not just “capture the moment,” but we also can create light with a flash (or a series of flashes) to achieve nearly ANY look we could possibly think of….


So, what are the “elements” that make a camera, well, a camera? There are 3: 1) ISO, 2) Shutter Speed, and 3) Aperture. Although each element is a ‘post’ unto themselves, each one still manipulates light in some way, shape or form. Think about this: The ISO controls the camera’s “sensitivity” to light; the Shutter Speed controls the action, and the Aperture controls the “depth of field” of a picture. Now keep in mind: In order to “control” these features yourself, you will need to have a camera that has Manual settings on it…. Since that above thought opens up a WIDE amount of info to talk about regarding photography, we’ll expound on each of them in subsequent posts, starting with Light as we know it….


Much more to come, so stay tuned, ladies and gents!….