Owens Family Reunion DVD Data Disc


This DVD Data Disc contains the following movies: 1) The Video Highlights (43:51), and 2) The Image Slideshow (4:57)! The Video Highlights movie showcases many of the individuals who spoke during the event (from start to finish), and also includes highlights of our cousin Lizz Wright performing time-honored songs. The Image Slideshow showcases images taken during the course of the event, culminating in the shots of the entire family at the end. It also has a great soundtrack associated with it!

NOTE: This DVD Data disc is designed to only play in laptop and desktop computers, NOT DVD or BlueRay players.

These prices will only last until September 30th, so be sure to secure these timeless memories today!

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Timeless Moments

The DVD Data Disc of the 2015 Owens Family Reunion is now available! This event took place on Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at the James Rainwater Conference Center in Valdosta, Georgia! For the low cost of $9.99 plus shipping, you can receive the following on a Data DVD Disc:

The Owens Family Reunion: Video Highlights (43:51)

The Owens Family Reunion: Image Slideshow (4:57)

Be sure to order this keepsake today! Quantities are limited, so secure yours today!