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Well, after watching the presentation by Apple on their website at their March Event, I must say, it was nice, but I’m not as impressed as I was in the past. Don’t get me wrong: Apple is doing some ridiculously awesome things from an engineering standpoint (especially with the new MacBook); in fact, I would say the most significant thing they unveiled during the entire presentation was not the Apple Watch, but the ResearchKit software, because that one small, freely available “framework” will, for the first time, give the health industry a much better “leg up” on understanding many, many diseases (and treating them) from here on out…

But, as time progresses, I’m beginning to become more and more “wary” of having a full technology-driven life…. Why would I say this? Well, I like technology overall; in fact, I have an iPhone myself! I even have a laptop that I use every day in conjunction with my iPhone to help get things done, and also create a myriad of things. However, respectfully, I still prefer to remain “old school” on quite a few things! For instance, I’d much rather have plain, mechanical dead-bolt locks on my house, where I actually use my KEY instead of placing my watch in front of the door with the “hopeful assurance” that it will open. I like to go into the house and press the keypad to turn off the alarm instead of using my phone to deactivate it…. I want to be able to go to the light switch, and press the top portion of it into the wall when I open the door. If I need to sketch something, I actually prefer getting a sheet of paper, and sketch on that just so I can fully convey my thoughts to someone regarding a design or something else…. Besides, if something catastrophic happens in this world (heaven forbid) where it affects the power, and power is off for a while (such as in a snowstorm, or severe weather, or EMP, for crying out loud, etc.), are you going to trust in a piece of technology in order for you to get in your house, or drive somewhere?….

Again, don’t get me wrong: the new Apple Watch is very, very nice. In fact, if I was to get one, I’d get the Apple Watch Sport ($349). Besides, if I’m going to spend that much money on a watch, I had BETTER be using the daylights out of it, and it had BETTER be working for me!!….

Now, if you have the money to get one, by all means, get it! This is not coming against people who want to spend the cash to get one! But if I’m spending $500+ to over 10 stacks for a watch: Well, I need to first have many, many thousands sitting in a bank account that is not used towards my 401K or retirement, and after everything has been taken care of (bills, etc.), THEN I just might “consider” burning that much money to get one of those higher end ones. For now, the Apple Watch is just a Luxury, not a necessity.

I’ll just stick with my iPhone for now, and spend those thousands on things I need, such as household items, or (better yet) food, clothing and shelter…. #JustSaying

If you liked this post, please let me know of your thoughts on it! More is coming, ladies and gentlemen….