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Thank you so much for reading our previous posts! It’s now time to shift gears, and look at some software!

Is It Worth It?

Twitter is, quite frankly, one of the most interesting platforms because of its core function as a “real time information network.” Twitter, by its definition, is designed to get information out to the public in small posts called “Tweets;” however, that blessing is also its curse: You have to have your posts within their 140 character limit…. So, over the past few years, we’ve been using it, learning just “how” to use it in the first place. For years, it turned out to be (and still is!) a great source for the latest news. If you are interested in hearing about something before it airs on television, this is the platform to “get it first….” But we still realized that we weren’t using it to its fullest potential, and didn’t fully understand it until earlier this morning, before this post went “Live” (seriously!)! As was said before, Twitter is quite interesting; the key to it is “how” to properly use it….

So, in this post, we’re going to focus in on one of the many “Twitter clients” that are present out here. Called “Tweetbot,” it’s available on both Mac, iPhone and iPad (sorry Android users, it’s only available for iOS and Mac). Created by a company called Tapbots (located at, it is our primary app when accessing all the Twitter accounts that we monitor (almost half a dozen!). So, when we read about this app in the iTunes Store, the biggest question was whether it was worth the purchase (as we had version 3 on the iPhone). All the reviews kept talking about how good the iPad version was, but it wasn’t impressing us…. The iPhone version was already designed beautifully, so we couldn’t fault it for having an outdated design. However, when we looked a little deeper, we found that the main feature of Tweetbot 4 that actually “justifies” its upgrade purchase (from version 3) is their new “Activity” feature….

So, after getting the app (at half price as of this writing!), and looking at this one feature, we see it can help immensely in tracking statistics of Twitter accounts! In other words, the makers of the app are “extracting” more information out of the native Twitter functionality, and passing it on to us! Within the new Activity button are two tabs: 1) “Stats,” which display what has taken place over the course of a week, showing how many Tweets, Favorites, Retweets and new Followers, and a display of your responses to people. Then, the second tab, called 2) “Activity” shows who followed you, and who retweeted your Tweets over the past few weeks….

All in all, it’s quite an interesting update to say the least! We will definitely be using it at its fullest potential in the coming days and weeks, and share more thoughts about our experiences with it as time progresses!

But here’s a question for you: What do you think about this app? What are your thoughts about the new Activity feature? Let us know in the Comments section below!

More to come ladies and gents, so stay tuned….