Percentage of Time You Need A Website

Given that we now live in what is called the “Technology Age,” everything is now shifting to the Internet. In order for entities to be considered “viable” nowadays, a website presence is required.

With 7+ years of experience, we have been creating strong, customized web presences that are designed to not just get you “moving forward,” but to help take your Brand to the next level. Website Creations are no longer just “static” web pages; they now are living, breathing entities that help to get the word out regarding products and services, communicate new and innovative ideas, display news to the viewing public, and much more!

Take a moment to look at our Standard and A La Carte features of our Website Creations below. When you are ready to move forward on your project, fill out our Website Creation Questionnaire, and we will send you a Website Creation Quote for services.

Unhindered Creations LLC

The Website Experience

Standard Features

Word Logo Creation/Refinement

Up to 3 Logo Creation Examples

The key to a successful Website Creation is the Logo. These special creations are designed to stand out on ANY material! Best of all, you get to keep ALL of them for personal or commercial use!

Customized Website Experience

You will receive a Customized, Professional Website Creation that is designed to FIT your needs. This is perfect for both new and existing businesses, and includes the creation and placement of custom graphics into your page(s) to describe you, your services and contact information.

Attention to detail is paramount, and is emphasized throughout the design process. Strong graphics that show well on Retina Displays and spelling check is also included!

Two Website Sizes

You have two choices when it comes to the size of your Website Creation:

If you are just getting started with a web presence, this is for you! It includes us creating and placing custom graphics into one page to describe you, your services, and contact information.


We create our websites in WordPress, a content management system platform. This means you will be able to edit any page that you desire, at any time!

And, an added benefit: As your business/ministry grows, you’ll be able to add new pages, text, graphics and even video to your site!

Domain Registration + Website Hosting

In order for a Website Creation to be “seen” by the public, a Domain Name and Website Hosting is required! You have two options available:

  • We Establish It For You (Optional)

    We often recommend this option because this allows for your website to grow to its utmost potential. Your site will be on its own server, unimpeded by any other websites and their traffic. We have several companies that we can recommend to you, and we can then establish both the Website Hosting and purchase of the Domain Name on your behalf.

  • You Establish Your Own Hosting

    Before coming to us, you have already established your Hosting Plan and Domain Registration. We highly recommend SiteGround.com to establish these important features because they offer WordPress-specific Hosting; however, other entities also exist that provide the same service.

More Standard Features

Your website is designed to fit ANY screen! Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device, it will “conform” to the shape of the screen accordingly!

*The WooCommerce Store Installation does NOT include the creation of products inside the store.

**Website Preservation: We have two other features available in case you did not want to maintain the website yourself: Hourly and via Annually. View our A La Carte features below for more details.

A La Carte Features

Although our features above fit most clients, these can help move your site forward even more!

NOTE: These features incur additional fees. Fill out our Website Creation Questionnaire to receive quoted rates for the services below.

Website Preservation Package

We can maintain your website for you! We can add or edit pages, text, create custom graphics, and even your existing videos to your site on your behalf! We use our Graphic Design experience to creatively design banners and craft wording that will FIT your upcoming event, product announcement, or other special occasion!

There are 2 options available: 1) Per Project (which incurs an hourly rate), and 2) Yearly (which allows for up to 4 changes per month; this is a monthly, every 6 months, or annual rate).

Photography Action Session

We have over 15+ years of experience in Photography, so we know how to get the right shots that will fit your Website Creation! We can meet at agreed-upon location, and get you and/or your Brand in action in a minimum 1-hour span!

Social Media Account Creation

If you need to establish a Social Media presence with the major social media outlets, we can create your accounts on your behalf! This includes creation of the account, insertion of your logo, and creating your first post on the platform! We currently support the following platforms:

  • Facebook

    Home to over 1 billion users, Facebook is the “go to” platform when it comes to reaching out to as many people as possible.

  • Twitter

    With over 200+ million users, Twitter is by definition a “real-time information network” that specializes in getting information out to the public in “Tweets,” or blocks of text that are no longer than 140 characters in length.

  • Instagram

    With over 130 million users, Instagram is a mobile-device-based platform that is used heavily at events, and for the public’s interaction at an event.

  • LinkedIn

    With over 225 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, featuring businesses and other entities.

  • Pinterest

    Inspiration is one of the biggest catalysts toward action. Pinterest uses images, and places “Pins” on them, and these are used to drive traffic toward websites.

  • YouTube

    This is the world’s largest “repository” of videos, posted by people all over the world! In order to properly display your videos, it’s best to get a YouTube channel, and then embed them onto your website for people to see!

Website Creation Examples

Ready To Move Forward?

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