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We hope you have enjoyed our previous post on “Why Hire a GREAT Photographer: Part 1!” If you haven’t viewed the post yet, you can see it here.


Back in the day (before we were born), there was a movie out called “Star Trek: The Movie” starring William Shatner (as Captain Kirk), Leonard Nimoy, and others. There was a scene in there where the Captain was being transported from earth to the Enterprise up in the Space Dock way up in space. The ship was absolutely huge, so they took the time to show the “beauty” of the ship by flying around it for a good 2+ minutes before they went inside…. Which brings us to the first reason why you should hire a GREAT Photographer:


We Get Shots That Your Smartphone Can’t Get

In the scene above, a photographer would literally know how to capture a shot like that! At first glance, just for the ship alone, you would need at least 7 (yes, seven) lights, each strategically positioned. Not to mention, you’d need way more lights (with each one colored blue accordingly) to establish the space dock!…. We say all that to say this: Another reason you should hire a GREAT photographer is because we know how to get shots that your smartphone or tablet can’t get!

We now live in the iPhone age, where the camera on the phone is very, very good; however, an iPhone is not capable of obtaining the shot above because it doesn’t have the lighting possible to obtain it…. On the other hand, GREAT photographers are able to capture shots where they are able to “find” the light, and even “create” it if they need it! They do this with lighting systems that are outside of their camera, which allows for very interesting moments to be captured in a different way than the norm!…. Which brings us to our second reason:




This reason coincides with Vision, as was discussed in the first article. In order for the photographer to have a Vision of how to shoot your event, they must first prepare for it…. For instance, in the shot above, it took some time for us to figure out how to properly shoot the guy who was in the midst of doing those absolutely ridiculous slams (and they really were ridiculous!!!). You can’t see it in the image, but he was jumping from a trampoline that was positioned at the free throw line on a basketball court. He was running from half court toward the trampoline; then he would jump on it, and perform slams that gave NBA Jam a run for their money (LOL; some of y’all know what I’m talking about!)!….

So, at first, we tried shooting from just underneath the basket, but we found that was a bad idea because that’s where the guy would land!!…. So, we shifted to the side of the basket, and used a flash to “freeze” him in action as he was performing the slam (hence what you see above!)….

So, how did we get to this point? Preparation…. We first had to know that this particular occasion was even taking place during the event in order to be in position to shoot it in the first place. Then, once we got there, we had to at least have an initial game plan on “how” to capture the moments. Of course, the game plan could change at any time, based on the circumstances (which we’ll cover in a future post!), but at least we came into the situation “prepared” to at least capture the moments….


But then, how can you tell if a photographer possesses this quality? Simple: Ask them what time they plan on getting to your event. If you are hosting a birthday party, you should expect them to get there at least 15 minutes or more prior to the event so they can “see” what it is they will shoot…. If they are saying they’ll get there right at the time your event starts, well…..


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