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We hope you have enjoyed our first 2 posts on “Why Hire A GREAT Photographer!” If you haven’t viewed the first two posts, we encourage you to read them here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).


In last week’s posts we talked about Vision, Preparation, getting shots that your smartphone can’t get, and more! We continue this week with a few more reasons:


We Don’t Panic

Now, it’s nice when everything is working correctly, and the game plan is working smoothly. But what happens when the game plan unexpectedly changes?…. Here’s a quick story: A few years back, we were covering the Bridal Makeover Explosion (check it out at to see what that’s all about) at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, and during the course of the fashion show portion of the event, the power went out!…. So, instead of panicking over the fact that the power went out, we “adapted” to the situation by strategically positioning ourselves so that we could still capture the moments as they were occurring…. At the end of the event, we still “got the job done,” and the moments were still captured!

So, how can you tell if a photographer possesses this quality? Simple: When considering a photographer for your event, present them with a scenario (such as at your wedding, for instance) where, for instance, you are performing your first dance, and (heaven forbid) the power goes out in the ballroom! What would they do? Do they have their own lighting equipment available to adapt to the situation (which is key!) or no?….

TAHPS 01-10-15-126

Attention To Detail

When composing a photograph as a photographer, we tend to see more details than one would normally see…. It’s quite amazing to view the world by noticing more details about everything; however, it can be a drain on the body. Sometimes we often wonder how the Lord can see everything and not get stressed about it!…. Back to our point (lol): Attention to detail is another reason you should hire a photographer for your event. When you notice a photographer getting up close to an object to capture it, or positioning himself/herself a bit differently from others in order to capture that moment, you may want to consider him/her for your event!….

Again, how can you tell? Once again, their work will speak for itself. Closeups of objects (which are the elements of your event) tend to be the norm in their images. They also shoot a lot of images, all in an effort to “tell the story” of your event….


DSTLSP 06-26-15-057


Angles?? What does this have to do with Photography? Well, to be frank, this has a LOT to do with it because this one quality can turn a shot from a so-so image into a great one!…. Take for instance the shot above (Line Sisters Party; to see the images, click here). Instead of shooting them “head-on” with the camera (which we did do initially), we “went the extra mile” by capturing them at different angles (i.e. close to the floor, overhead, etc.). As a result, the shots looked more “intriguing” as the shoot took place!….


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